Healthcare Costs of Burn Patients From Homes Without Fire Sprinklers

May 04, 2017

The  paper written by Banfield, J., Rehou, S., Gomez, M., Redelmeier D.A. & Jeschke, M.G.  in  the  Journal of Burn Care and  Research .2015, 36(1):213-217   summarizes a  a cost analysis of care resource utilization costs for patients with burn or inhalation injuries caused by residential fires in  comparison to t the cost of implementing fire sprinklers. This was a cohort analysis of adult burn patients admitted to a provincial burn centre from 1995-2012. Patient demographics and injury characteristics were collected from medical records and clinical and coroner databases. Resource costs included average cost per day in an  intensive care and rehabilitation program, transportation, and property loss. During the study period, there were 1557 residential fire-related deaths province-wide and 1139 patients were admitted to the  provincial burn center as a result of a flame injury occurring at home. The research showed that there were considerable healthcare costs of burn patients from homes without fire sprinklers.

Please read the full article, DOI:10.1097/BCR.0000000000000194

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