Burn Center Care Reduces Acute Care Utilization after Discharge: A Population- based Analysis of 1,895 Survivors of Major Burn Injury

October 18, 2017

Dr. Stephanie mason and her colleagues reviewed the rate of  unplanned presentation  to acute care facilities 1 to 5 years after major burn injury. They found thatThey found that patients treated at burn centers have significantly reduced unplanned health care utilization after their injury.

The full article can be found  at:

Mason, Stephanie A.,  Nathens, Avery B., Byrne, James P., Fowler, Robert A., Karancolas, Paul J., Moineddin, Rahim, & Jeschke, Marc (2017) Burn center care reduces acute health care utilization after discharge: A population-based analysis of 1,895 survivors of major burn injury, Surgery , Volume 162 , Issue 4 , 891 - 900


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