Anxiety, depression and PTSD-related symptoms in spouses and close relatives of burn survivors: When the supporter needs to be supported

September 25, 2016

In this investigation by Bond, S., Gourlay, C., Desjardins C.,  Bodson-Clermont, P., &  Boucher, M. E explored the  prevalence of PTSD, anxiety and depression on spouses and other care providers on admission and discharge fro a burn unit. Using the Hospital Distress Anxiety and Depression Scale and  Modified PTSD Symptom Scale the authors found that many care providers experienced anxiety, depression and PTSD with  a quarter showing distress in the clinical range continuing into discharge. The investigation corroborates the need to offer psychosocial support to care providers so that they in turn can support loved ones during the acute phase and into recovery. The full article can be accessed at



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