Burn Care Canada- Groupe Canadien de Soins aux Brûlés

Promoting excellence in  burn care across Canada
Promoting excellence in burn care across Canada

Burn care Canada is a national network of burn care providers, fundraisers, survivors and other partners in burn care and research

Burn Care Canada is a national platform geared to facilitate and accelerate the creation and exchange of burn care knowledge in Canada.This includes advancement in care from the initial injury, during hospitalization and rehabilitation, and in the long-term recovery and adaptation throughout the life course. Burn Care Canada provides a forum to access burn care and recovery information, share innovation, develop national care pathways, deliver education, and monitor quality of care and clinical outcomes.


  • To prevent burn injuries
  • Increase public knowledge
  • Enhancing patient care and recovery
  • Provide a forum to share excellence and innovation in patient care
  • Develop opportunities to share data across Canada
  • Provide information on burn related resources to survivors, family members and the public

Working together

Burn Care Canada, brining funders, hospital staff, survivors, family members together to share knowledge and innovation.